Advance Care Planning (ACP)

Complete your Advance Directive and share your wishes with your loved ones.

It’s not enough just to write your wishes in a will or document that is stored away and forgotten. Your Advance Directives need to be discussed with whoever will make medical care decisions for you if you can’t. Does your healthcare advocate know your wishes? Do they even know they are your chosen advocate? Do you have an alternate if they are not available?

Having this conversation is difficult; that’s why we put it off. And it takes time.

It is never too early, and it’s never done. I am a certified Advance Care Planning Facilitator through Respecting Choices®. I meet with individuals and their advocate(s) and help them share what quality of life means to them so they can be ready. Give me a call. Give yourself some peace of mind.


Home Funeral and/or Green Burial Planning

After Death Home Care provides you with the tools you need to care for your loved one in the home during the hours or days immediately following death. Through use of this website and phone or in-person consultation it is my hope that you feel empowered to care for your own dead in the way that is right for you.


When Someone Has Died

First, do nothing.  Sit with your loved one.  There is no hurry.  Whether you are in the hospital, a care facility or at home in hospice care, this is a very valuable and special part of the grieving process.  Hopefully, your circumstances will allow you at least a few hours, if not more.  Ask for what you want and know that, even though there are a lot of messages in our society that say otherwise, it is ok to spend time with and touch the body.

If you need guidance and you want to have a home funeral for someone who has just died, please plan ahead. Having a home funeral without having planned ahead is difficult but possible. You will need:

  • Family support
  • A home to transport the body to, if the person died in a hospital or care facility
  • The necessary paperwork to be able to remove the body and bury or cremate
  • A supportive funeral director.  This is necessary in nine states and if you have not planned ahead to have a home funeral.

I suggest you visit the following websites:

Seven Ponds

Threshold Care Circle

Crossings: Caring for Our Own at Death

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Pre-planning Consultations

Pre-planning is very important, whether a death is imminent or not. If you desire to have a home funeral, it is necessary for you to know the state laws, to prepare your home, and to have support from your family and friends.  In addition, if you want to, or are required by state law to hire a funeral director, it is best if you find one ahead of time.  I can help you.

I offer 1-2 hour pre-planning consultations for those considering home funeral and green burial.  During the consultation, I address the following questions:

  • Your state regulations
  • How to provide care for the deceased at home
  • How long the body can remain in the home
    This depends on your wishes, the individual circumstances, and if you choose to work with a licensed funeral director (required in some states). A few hours to a few days is possible.
  • Necessary supplies
    Other than dry ice, you may wish to have a special casket or shroud, music, flowers or decorations.
  • How to transport the body and who is required to do this
    In Michigan a licensed funeral director is required to transport the body and sign the death certificate.  I can provide referrals to supportive funeral directors.
  • Who is involved in care and when they should arrive
  • How to plan a special gathering, ceremony, funeral, or wake.  Having a service at a place of worship is possible.

Please view the following video for more information and to hear from a family who had a home funeral.
After Death Home Care video


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Group Presentations About Home Funeral and Green Burial

I offer 1- to 2-hour introductory presentations that can be tailored to your group’s needs and locality.  Learn about the ancient art of caring for your own dead.  A home funeral can bring healing and comfort to friends and family.  It is legal in all fifty states.  It is natural, inexpensive and quite simple. Presentation includes a 45-60 minute PowerPoint Presentation that contains:

  • An overview of the history of the funeral industry (or, how we got to where we are)
  • Current cultural practices and definitions
  • The cost comparison between conventional and home funerals
  • Legal information (understanding what is Law and what is Common Practice)
  • A photo essay of one family’s home funeral, involving children
  • An overview of how to care for your own dead at home
  • An explanation of green Burial and where it is available, with photos
  • Discussion and Q & A
  • Handouts and recommended reading list


Group Presentations and Individual Consultations About

Advance Care Planning

I offer 1- to 2-hour presentations about advance planning for a good death and personal and family consultations

  • What is a good death?
  • Review of Living Will, what it is, how to make it more effective, where you can get forms
  • Review of Durable Medical Power of Attorney, or health care advocate forms
  • The pitfalls of Advance Directives; review of statistics
  • The importance of writing a personal letter to your loved ones


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Training Workshops on How to Have a Home Funeral

I offer one- to two-day workshops for those who want to have a home funeral for a family member or learn how to teach others about how to have a home funeral.  In addition to all the topics covered in the group presentations (listed above) participants will learn

  • Hands on instruction and practice in how to move, care for, cool and casket the body
  • How to handle special circumstances and when home funeral is not advised
  • In-depth details of state and local laws and how to work with a funeral director
  • Specific case scenarios and discussion
  • How to have a green burial and where it is available locally
  • How to establish a family cemetery
  • How to make your own casket
  • How to form a circle of support and identify local resources
  • How to educate your community
  • Different traditional practices
  • How to complete advanced directives.

This workshop is tailored to your group’s needs and locality.  Size limit:  25.