Green Burial

Green Burial is offered in these Michigan cemeteries:


Marble Park Natural Burial

Marble Park Natural Burial

Green Burial means different things to different people.  What’s important to you?

  • No cement vault
  • No embalming
  • Biodegradable casket or shroud
  • Environmentally-friendly landscaping and grounds-keeping
  • Native plants and grasses

Most existing conventional cemeteries will not want to change their ground maintenance practices, but they might designate a section in the back for “natural burial.”  It’s important to know what you are asking for.  Keep asking.  As more people express their desire, more cemeteries will offer options.

“Green burial is a way of caring for the dead with minimal environmental impact that furthers legitimate ecological aims such as the conservation of natural resources, reduction of carbon emissions, protection of worker health, and the restoration and/or preservation of habitat.”  (Green Burial Council)

Green burial, also called Natural Burial, involves placing the body of the deceased in the earth in the most natural and environmentally friendly way possible to facilitate its return to the elements.  It may include the use of a biodegradable casket or shroud instead of a metal casket, natural cooling methods instead of embalming, avoiding the use of a concrete vault, and natural grounds-keeping methods like planting wild flowers instead of mowing.  It can take place in a section of a conventional cemetery (hybrid), or in a cemetery that is dedicated entirely to green practices, including restoration of the land. Modern burial practices began in the late 19th century. Green burial is similar to the way most of humanity cared for its dead before embalming and the development of other recent trends. There are several hybrid cemeteries in Michigan that have a natural burial section.

Cremation uses a great amount of energy (oil) and toxins are often released into the atmosphere, however, less land is used to bury cremated remains.

For a list of certified green cemeteries in the U.S., or for more information about green burial, please contact the Green Burial Council.  For more information about Michigan options for natural burial, please contact me at

Here is a link to an excellent article about green burial in Washington State.