Green Burial Conference Early Bird Discount extended!

Save $10 by registering for the Green Burial Conference by August 8.  Space is limited so get your tickets now!  This conference will really move green burial forward in Michigan.  Come learn about the issues and options and make green a burial a reality for more people.

Fueled by the excitement of the Michigan premiere of “A Will for the Woods” at the MIchigan Theater on June 1, there is a real buzz about green burial.  It makes sense!  Environmentalists want it, clergy want it, young people want it, what’s holding us back?  Do you want your body to go back to the earth naturally when you die? Or do you want to be preserved with chemicals and cement in a cemetery that pollutes the environment by mowing and week-whacking and other harmful maintenance techniques?

Come learn from local experts about what natural burial involves.  We will have lots of discussion, practical information, demonstration of how to wrap a body in a shroud and lower the body by hand into the earth.  Cemeterians from all over will share their experience.  The President of the Green Burial Council International will speak about national progress toward creating more green cemeteries.  And there will be lots of opportunity for networking and learning.

I hope to see you there.  Get your tickets now and get fired up!  (oops, bad pun!, but seriously, do you know how much natural gas cremation uses???)

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